Social distancing is an important component of the response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Minimizing social interactions and travel reduces the rate at which the infection spreads, and "flattens the curve" such that the medical system can better treat infected individuals.

Even when social distancing policies are announced, it remains unclear how the public will respond to these policies. Understanding the actual reduction in social contact and travel is important to measuring the effectiveness of the policy. This is especially true as these policies remain in effect for an extended period of time, and the public may begin to relax their implementation. Additionally, epidemiological modelers may wish to incorporate actual population behavioral changes into their models.

This site hosts the Twitter Social Mobility Index, a measure of social distancing and travel derived from Twitter data. We use public geolocated Twitter data to measure how much a user travels in a given week. We compute the standard deviation of Twitter geolocated tweets per week, and aggregate the data over an entire population to produce a metric for the US as a whole and for individual states.

We plan to soon update this data on a regular basis.

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