COVID-19 Social Mobility Analysis

Our Twitter Social Mobility Index is a measure of social distancing and travel based on geolocated Twitter data available for 50 states, 2 territories, and the 100 most populous cities in the US. We also provide an analysis of the entire US and several regions.

Social Mobility Index Measure

City State Region
Albuquerque NM - New Mexico Central
Anaheim CA - California West
Anchorage AK - Alaska West
Arlington TX - Texas South
Atlanta GA - Georgia South
Aurora CO - Colorado Central
Austin TX - Texas South
Bakersfield CA - California West
Baltimore MD - Maryland Northeast
Baton Rouge LA - Louisiana South
Boise ID - Idaho Central
Boston MA - Massachusetts Northeast
Buffalo NY - New York Northeast
Chandler AZ - Arizona West
Charlotte NC - North Carolina South
Chesapeake VA - Virginia South
Chicago IL - Illinois Midwest
Chula Vista CA - California West
Cincinnati OH - Ohio Midwest
Cleveland OH - Ohio Midwest
Colorado Springs CO - Colorado Central
Columbus SC - South Carolina South
Corpus Christi TX - Texas South
Dallas TX - Texas South
Denver CO - Colorado Central
Detroit MI - Michigan Midwest
Durham NC - North Carolina South
El Paso TX - Texas South
Fort Wayne IN - Indiana Midwest
Fort Worth TX - Texas South
Fremont CA - California West
Fresno CA - California West
Garland TX - Texas South
Gilbert AZ - Arizona West
Glendale AZ - Arizona West
Greensboro NC - North Carolina South
Henderson NV - Nevada Central
Hialeah FL - Florida South
Honolulu HI - Hawaii West
Houston TX - Texas South
Indianapolis IN - Indiana Midwest
Irvine CA - California West
Irving TX - Texas South
Jacksonville FL - Florida South
Jersey City NJ - New Jersey Northeast
Kansas City MO - Missouri Midwest
Laredo TX - Texas South
Las Vegas NV - Nevada Central
Lexington KY - Kentucky Midwest
Lincoln NE - Nebraska Central
Long Beach CA - California West
Los Angeles CA - California West
Louisville KY - Kentucky Midwest
Lubbock TX - Texas South
Madison WI - Wisconsin Midwest
Memphis TN - Tennessee South
Mesa AZ - Arizona West
Miami FL - Florida South
Milwaukee WI - Wisconsin Midwest
Minneapolis MN - Minnesota Midwest
Nashville TN - Tennessee South
New York City NY - New York Northeast
New Orleans LA - Louisiana South
Newark NJ - New Jersey Northeast
Norfolk VA - Virginia South
North Las Vegas NV - Nevada Central
Oakland CA - California West
Oklahoma City OK - Oklahoma Central
Omaha NE - Nebraska Central
Orlando FL - Florida South
Philadelphia PA - Pennsylvania Northeast
Phoenix AZ - Arizona West
Pittsburgh PA - Pennsylvania Northeast
Plano TX - Texas South
Portland OR - Oregon West
Raleigh NC - North Carolina South
Reno NV - Nevada Central
Richmond VA - Virginia South
Riverside CA - California West
Sacramento CA - California West
San Antonio TX - Texas South
San Diego CA - California West
San Francisco CA - California West
San Jose CA - California West
Santa Ana CA - California West
Scottsdale AZ - Arizona West
Seattle WA - Washington West
Spokane WA - Washington West
St Louis MO - Missouri Midwest
St Paul MN - Minnesota Midwest
St Petersburg FL - Florida South
Stockton CA - California West
Tampa FL - Florida South
Toledo OH - Ohio Midwest
Tucson AZ - Arizona West
Tulsa OK - Oklahoma Central
Virginia Beach VA - Virginia South
Washington DC - Washington DC Northeast
Wichita KS - Kansas Central
Winston-Salem NC - North Carolina South
CT - Connecticut Northeast
DE - Delaware Northeast
ME - Maine Northeast
NH - New Hampshire Northeast
RI - Rhode Island Northeast
VT - Vermont Northeast
IA - Iowa Midwest
AR - Arkansas Central
MS - Missouri Central
MT - Montana Central
ND - North Dakota Central
SD - South Dakota Central
UT - Utah Central
WY - Wyoming Central
AL - Alabama South
WV - West Virigina South
PR - Puerto Rico Caribbean
VI - Virgin Islands Caribbean

We found a large reduction in travel in the United States after the implementation of social distancing policies, with larger reductions in states that were early adopters and smaller changes in states without such policies. See our publications for a detailed analysis.

Average Mobility Reduction by State

The mobility reduction percentage compares average movement of users before and after social distancing started (March 16, 2020). Use this figure to compare mobility reduction by area.

Statistics by State: